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Are you missing the boat on social selling? – 4 ways to sell better on social

August 30, 2017 Terry Rossi Marketing

Over the last few decades, the advertising industry, like so many others, has become the architect of its own demise. Suspicious consumers have become immune to yesterday’s sales tactics, but...

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Grow your business with new Office 365 apps

August 24, 2017 Terry Rossi Office365

Microsoft is always adding new exciting newfeatures for their Office 365 Products.   In an effort to improve support for small- and medium-sized businesses, they introduced a series of new apps...

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How Virtualization Benefits Your Business

August 01, 2017 Terry Rossi Virtualization

5 Common Problems Avoided with Managed IT Services

August 01, 2017 Terry Rossi Managed IT

Advancements in technology have established a global marketplace and leveled the playing field for some organizations. Companies understand the connection between IT excellence and business...

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What you Need to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud?

July 25, 2017 Terry Rossi Cloud

Cloud computing has been a hot topic in business for the last decade. However, early misconceptions surrounding its lack of security combined with fantastic tales of its benefits have left many...

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How to Make 3-Way Matching Easier for Accounting Departments with AP Workflow

July 19, 2017 Terry Rossi DocLib

Accounting departments that use manual matching processes spend hours organizing payables and receivables. Ensuring expenses are reported in the same period as the revenues were earned, makes the...

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The Verizon Data Breach - What should you do now!

July 13, 2017 Terry Rossi Security

Another day another data breach

Verizon leaked 6 million users’ data.


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Thin is in, how thin clients can help your company.

Business owners knows that one way to increase your profit margins is by cutting costs. When it comes to technology, most businesses reduce cost by either moving their operations to the cloud, ...

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New Global Ransomware Spreading Today

June 27, 2017 Terry Rossi Security

"We are seeing several thousands of infection attempts at the moment, comparable in size to Wannacry's first hours." said Costin Raiu, a security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

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WannaCry – What is the real cost of Ransomware?

June 27, 2017 Terry Rossi Security

Ransomware is in the news again. According to The Washington Times, the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, responsible for crippling computers around the world, was perpetrated by North Korean...

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