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7 Tips to Make Changing your Email Address Less Painful

February 28, 2017 Terry Rossi Office365, email

After 25 years we are shutting down our email services under the domain.  We have had many customers that were with us for a long time and making this change was almost a life changing experience for them.    We put together some tips that would help them make the transition easier and make sure changing your email address is not a painful process.   

  1. Pick a new email address that you can keep forever and that you will want to use for the foreseeable future. Try not to put your birthday or house number or anything like that in the email address.     Lifehacker has some good tips here.

  2. Consider getting your own domain name, is a lot better sounding than .   Once you have your own domain name you can park it with any of the large email providers and get your mail delivered there.   If you want to search for a new domain name and get one registered, we can help you make the transition to your own dot com or dot name or any one of the new domain extensions.   Mosey over to PICS Domains to start shopping and then send us a note to start the telling people that email you about your new email address.  If you wish PICS to host your new domain and email service we would be happy to do that for you.

  3. Finding a new provider.   We suggest either or gmail for your new email home.  Both provide excellent service and are free.  Microsoft has a comparision of vs Gmail and Yahoo Mail here and there is another 3rd party comparison here    - Don’t forget to use a secure password.   We have some good hints on passwords here at this ITech Insights video on Passwords.

  4. Migrate your old email to your new provider.   There are many ways to do this, but all of them require some sort of export and import.   Best to google your particular scenario to find a proven solution.  Again we are happy to help you with your particular situation.

  5. Set up an email forwarder on your old account.  Obviously the longer in advance you can do this the better.    If you are a PICS customer we can help you with setting up a forwarder as well as an auto-reply telling the sender that you are moving to a new email address.

  6. Look for website accounts that you have used your old email address as the login and start changing them.   If you use a password manager like RoboForm which we highly recommend or LastPass you can search for your old email address.   If not search your email for “verify your email”, “confirm your email” ,“account”, or “unsubscribe”.

  7. Finally notify your friends and family that you’re making a change.  Send them an email with your new email address and encourage them to start using it right away!   Remind them again as the changeover deadline approaches.

  8. Consider moving to Office 365, if you are going through a change in your email address it's a great time to move to a secure, state of the art platform like Microsoft's Office 365.

Change is hard but sometimes necessary and for the better!

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